20 worst gift, best tips, funniest ideas for Valentine’s Day: get some inspiration!

Paris Dream Photoshoot answers the #whattodoinparis (or why escape Paris for few days)
for #valentinesday?

I often ask my clients personal questions, if you do not want to answer me, it is fine, but when you think to your daughter’s name, for example,  you have a moment, and capturing those moments,
(those expressions your love ones will immediately recognize as “this is so you, Mom/Darling/Sis.'”),
is important especially for you as legacy of who you are .
So one day, for an intimate boudoir session, I asked:  “What is your loved one doing for you, for Valentine’s Day?” And the story of the girl, in front of me was so hilarious, I say to myself, I have to ask this one at each boudoir photoshoot.


Here the most funniest answers, worst gift and best ideas, I collected, you may get some inspiration from it !

Did you find some inspiration?
If you enjoy the read, let us know, in the comments below or by email: hello@parisdreamphotoshoot.com, what was the best/worst/funniest gift you ever received for Valentine’s Day.

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