10 reasons to hire a local photographer for your photoshoot in Paris!

Hire a local photographer in Paris vs travel with your family  photographer ?

1.- Your photographer is often your guide, especially when you visit Paris for the first time. It is always nice to have some stories and anecdotes of the places where your pictures will be taken.

2.- It’s a cheaper solution than covering your family photographer’s travel costs (flight tickets, hotel, time).

3.-¬† Your photographer knows very well where he takes you:¬†the best times of the day to take pictures in very touristy places, the angles that will eliminate the crowd, your photographer will arrange his sense of the visits according to the direction of the light, he will have solutions in case of rain …

4.- Your Paris photographer practices his activity in the City of Light, he is aware about events but also renovation work on the main sites  (currently the Arc de Triomphe, which is undergoing work until March 2018 for make it accessible to all).

5.-  Because your local photographer is a member of a Parisian photographer network, in case of illness, he will find the photographer who will accomodate the specific needs of his client and work with him to make sure the substitute will deliver to his client an unforgettable experience. If your photographer has an indigestion, a fracture or is simply held at the border, what will your photographer do?

6.- Not all “famous” places allow shooting, for example it is forbidden to take pictures in front of the Louvre pyramid (still protected by the copyright of the architect). In France, the law is very clear “no one is supposed to ignore the law”. To avoid any inconvenience, be sure that your photographer knows the French law relating to the right to the image and to the property.

7.- Your local photographer will probably be a native speaker and be happy to fix for you, any issues you may have with language barrier. I am always happy to have in my contact list a local when I am traveling, it helps me more than a couple of time.

8.- You have a limited amount of luggage, access to the wardrobe of a local photo studio is a real plus. Many of our clients are relieved not to have to worry about making a choice between outfits when packing. And do not forget that Paris is also a Fashion Capital, you may want to bring back outfit & memories with you, so you need room.

9.- It mays seem funny but your local photographer will not get lost in the City or in the metro.

10.- And of course, your photographer in Paris will offer you to access places known only to locals.

I  am Lily, your local Paris photographer and I will be happy to be your photographer during your travel time in my lovely City. For more info about your dream photoshoot in Paris, I invite you to have a look on our videos or directly contact me!

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